Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your Turning Life

My wife Karyn led the Yoga class in our home town this morning. I joined her class after having been away from my practice for a while. It isn't uncommon for me to drift away from something I've come to know and appreciate from time to time. The beauty of drifting and returning is being able to rediscover and experience again, as if new, my joy and appreciation.

I lay on my back with my legs up the wall and feel safe...even though the world outside our Yoga studio seems unsure and chaotic. I am secure in myself and feel the sense of security in those around me. In this moment there is no financial meltdown, no impeding foreclosure, no big-money bailout. In this moment I am firmly rooted and stable. I hope you too can find that moment...if only for a moment.

As I travel and talk with other like-minded folks, I'm actually encouraged. Yes, we are experiencing troubling times and all of us feel the pain. But how could we ever recognize pleasure if it wasn't for pain to give us a point of reference? During this painful economic time I'm witnessing so many green and eco-friendly initiatives, businesses, and organizations develop their roots and grow. At the same time many of the "green too" marketing schemes are being abandoned as too costly by companies and individuals just trying to capitalize on what they see as the latest trend. This is a time when we begin to separate the organic wheat from the chaff, as it were.

It's okay to drift...and come on back again.

Keepin' it Green,
Turning Life

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