Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Swirl of Potential

Have you been feeling a bit conflicted recently?

The groundswell of potential swirls in this country on broadcasts, podcasts and blogcasts. Can you feel it, hear it, sense it...regardless of your political persuasion?

I am energized to invest myself deeper in green and eco-friendly convictions than ever before and at the same time I experience an intellectual/emotional paralysis. I am human and make mistakes. I can be persuaded by the use of psychological tactics, emotional manipulation, statistical deception. There are so many organizations and "agents of change" to ally myself. Which of these causes truly represent my deepest concerns while earning my trust and convictions?

If you're looking to act, but don't know where to start...relax, take a breath and look around you. One of the most powerful agents of social, economic and environmental change you will ever possess is already green. It's literally the change in your pocket. The green in your wallet. You vote for change with each and every penny you spend or give.

Money is referred to as currency for a reason. To be effective, it must be flowing. We can recognize this by the efforts put forth in so many developed nations to get the world's credit markets "flowing" again. We offer our currency and what do we get back...? Change! How ironic.

Where is your currency flowing? Does this flow reflect the image you have of yourself with respect to your social convictions? Does it reflect your desire for a more equitable and environmentally sound society? Don't worry, you are empowered to change the direction of your flow at any time. The mighty river starts as a trickle, but soon flows into the ocean.

Keeping it green...

Turning Life

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